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Samuel Aftel


The masculine brutality and tragedy of XXXTentacion


Despite X’s brutality, for a generation of young people who have experienced debilitating levels of depression and anxiety as well as a staggering, increasing suicide rate, X was a disturbingly fitting generational spokesmen.

Review: The raw intimacy and tragedy of ‘A Star is Born’


“A Star Is Born” is an emotional masterpiece. The film documents the tragic love story of Ally and Jack, two musicians played astoundingly by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Jack — an aging, severely depressed, hearing-impaired, washed-up, alcoholic rock star who dabbles in coke and pills when the booze can’t get the job done — meets Ally, a slightly younger, existentially restless waitress.

Abolish Bicker

If Bicker has any point, it is to determine — often baselessly — who would be a good social “fit” for a club’s culture. 

Sticks and stones: Eminem and the words that hurt


Although Eminem is a remarkable artist, his music is intensely misogynistic and homophobic, exuding a paranoid, desperate masculinity that feels as if it is always on the brink of emasculation. 

Brett Kavanaugh: an icon of broken masculinity

Brett Kavanaugh, accordingly, is a product of an elite American subculture that privileges those who can claim a hegemonic, heteronormative masculinity. While we can’t expect the U.S. Senate to hold Kavanaugh and others accountable for their misogyny, we can and must strive to empower women and men to assert their worth and express their identities outside of the imprisoning dictates of our masculine world.