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Samuel Aftel


DISPATCH | Loving and losing in Miami


Managing editor Samuel Aftel ’20 reflects on his heady experiences in Miami this summer, at once embracing and lamenting the impermanence of his stay.

The cruelty and tragedy of Michael Jackson

In retrospect, Jackson always seemed to exist in a curious moral, cultural, and even existential liminal space. He straddled blackness and whiteness, femininity and masculinity, queerness and straightness, decency and brutality. The duality of Jackson’s identity is, in part, what made him great. But this duality was also a mechanism of deception. 

Tiger Confessions and our desperation for connection

While it’s a blessing that Tiger Confessions allows us to share these experiences and receive some level of peer empathy, the fact that the platform is seemingly the only outlet some students have to express what’s on their mind is disconcerting.

Congresswoman Omar and conservatives’ weaponization of anti-Semitism

Beyond Republican hypocrisy, the wholesale, disproportionately severe condemnation of Omar reflects the increasing and dangerous conflation of anti-Jewish hatred and a legitimate criticism of Israel’s militarism. Such conflation, often consciously deployed by cynical conservatives, serves to chill any hint of pro-Palestinian political discourse.