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Nick Shashkini


Strange-looking hydroponic farm in Forbes is fully functioning experiment

The hydroponic farm at Forbes College may look like a portal to another universe, but its purpose is to show students that crops can grow anywhere by demonstrating hydroponics, or the cultivation of crops using nutrient solutions instead of soil. The hydroponic farm is also a fully functioning laboratory where students and staff regularly conduct experiments.

Students, faculty create Federalist Society chapter at the University

The Federalist Society, a nationwide organization of conservatives and libertarians with chapters in hundreds of law schools across the country, now has a chapter at the University. The University has become the third undergraduate institution after Rice University and Hillsdale College with a chapter of the organization.

Princeton budget surplus precludes predicted tax hike

Princeton residents won’t be seeing any tax increases this year, as a sufficient surplus in the $65-million town budget will allow town officials to fully finance a projected tax hike. Without any changes, municipal-purpose taxes were supposed to increase by $41.86 on average. The spending plan including this measure was passed at a public hearing on April 9.

Town ordered to build more affordable housing

On March 8, the town of Princeton was ordered by Mercer County Superior Court Judge Mary Jacobson to build 753 new affordable houses. According to Jacobson’s ruling, these units must be constructed by 2025.

New Jersey Governor proposes tax measure

As of the time of publication, the New Jersey Senate has voted 28–9 in support of the motion, but the bill has yet to be approved by the Assembly and sent to the governor’s desk.

Venezuelan students weigh in on MIT financial aid issue

MIT was embroiled in controversy last week as a prospective student, Venezuelan Amanda Vanegas, was denied appropriate financial aid due to her country’s exchange rate system, according to MIT alumnus Jesús Bolivar. Venezuelan students at the University expressed concern about the issues faced by MIT’s prospective student.

Former astronaut Bolden discusses space exploration

“I’m a little intimidated to uphold the legacy of previous speakers,” said Bolden as he began his presentation. The 12th NASA administrator then kicked off by discussing the possibility of intelligent life existing elsewhere in the universe, a question which, according to Bolden, concerns us all. 

77 percent of sophomores bicker or sign-in to eating clubs, holds steady since spring 2017

The admissions process for bicker and sign-in eating clubs took place last week, with 1,016 sophomores participating, representing 77 percent of the Class of 2020. This represented a 1 percentage point decrease from last spring’s participation rate of 78 percent, according to a press release by the Interclub Council of the Eating Clubs of Princeton University.