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Madeleine Marr


Where are all the women: A series

If the University truly valued increasing the number of female professors on its payroll, it would do well to start addressing the actual causes for the dearth of women at the highest ranks. This unequivocally includes sexual harassment.

Men explain things to me at Princeton

While comments sections are never hospitable places, there is a visible difference in the way the male writers are treated versus the female writers. While harassing female columnists is the extreme, it is a point on a spectrum that includes the abysmally small number of female faculty at Princeton, the underreporting of college sexual assaults, and the chronic interruption of female students in precepts and seminars. 

It’s never too early

There is a large yet unrecognized gap of guidance regarding future, planned pregnancies -- and how to incorporate those pregnancies into the lives the University subconsciously encourages its students to lead. A sub-department of Career Services dedicated to advising students on how to include family planning into their career considerations would allow students to work within already-understood paradigms.

Ocasio-Cortez: The social media politician

Ocasio-Cortez’s social media style is the only viable future of political engagement. If we want more people who have felt forgotten by the political elite to participate, we need more politicians like Ocasio-Cortez.

The pink wave

As a result of the increase in women in 2018, a sizeable new political cohort has emerged, and these women will enter as canvassers, donors, and campaign volunteers. 

‘Woke’ men need to wake up

It seems that in discussions of problematic male behavior, there are many men on campus who assume that — because they’ve taken Gender and Sexuality courses or are “so happy” that the head of their team, group, eating club, or government is a girl — they can’t be part of the problem.

The war on women escalates

The implications of failing to fully re-authorize this bill extend past current and future victims of domestic violence — although, according to the CDC, this category encompasses a staggering one in three U.S. women. Violence against women acts in deeper ways, as it systematically denies women equal participation in society through fear and pseudo-protective measures that continue to push them into the private sphere.