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Madeleine Marr


Hey, I’m talking here!

The men of Princeton need to be conscious of their habits of entitlement, taking it upon themselves to do better and stop interrupting the women in their classes. Clearly, the women at Princeton are qualified to contribute in precept. Stop getting in their way.

"Hands up, don't shoot" appropriated?

So, why were the protestors in Los Angeles, who were predominantly white students and parents, using this slogan? Especially when the concepts implicit in this slogan, of police brutality and antipathy for young black lives, are not a pressing concern for the people I saw co-opting this cry?

“Love Saves Lives”

The best way to reduce the number of abortions would be to resolve many of the factors driving women to choose that path in the first place.

Where are all the women?

Female teachers have a significant positive impacts on their female students, so much so that it can change the course of their academic futures. The dearth of female faculty at Princeton is preventing this guidance from occurring, reinforcing the pattern of male academic dominance.

The FBI is racist — here's why

The problem with the FBI is not related to electoral politics, so political action as generally conceived on campuses is not effective. The FBI remained racist under Obama and will probably continue to behave in the same manner after Trump. The Bureau has a long-term power structure that is resistant to outside interaction. 

I’m reclaiming my joy

Last semester, Princeton Students for Gender Equality (PSGE) and Princeton Students for Reproductive Justice (PSRJ) hosted the first Menstruation Celebration, a festive event in Frist Campus Center meant to both infuse joy into a discussion of a stigmatized topic and raise awareness about problems of access to menstrual products for those who need them. Additionally, sponsors of the event emphasized the acceptance of all uterus-owners and the disconnect between biological function and gender expression.

#MeToo, but what about everybody else?

My problem with the idea is not with the posts themselves - I support going public as a way for women to remove the stigma from being a victim of sexual harassment and assault, and I think owning that experience through public statements can be empowering. Women should not have to expose themselves to the voyeurism of social media and perform the emotional labor of publicly owning and explaining their past trauma in order to show men the “magnitude of the problem.” The magnitude should be clear by now. It has been happening for LITERALLY ever. This is a problem. Most women who have had any experience as women are not shocked by the Weinstein accusations, because they have seen and/or lived this all multiple times before.

Too much of a good thing

It was in that moment that I realized I had adopted an unpopular and possibly sacrilegious opinion among college students: I dislike free food.