Liam O'Connor


A disaster waiting to happen

The only way to provide equal opportunity for low-income Americans is to adopt an identity-blind meritocracy where society fights the causes of poverty. Feel-good policies like affirmative action don’t work.

Affirmative action's inconvenient history

During the 1960 presidential campaign, Republican Vice Presidential candidate Henry Cabot Lodge stated that a black man would be appointed to the cabinet if his running mate, Richard M.

A new deal

Young adults exploit their newfound freedom when they leave their parents and go to college. They experiment in new activities that are normally discouraged by their elders.

The sober truth

On February 2, Timothy Piazza — a sophomore at Pennsylvania State University — went to the "pledge night" of the fraternity Beta Theta Pi.

Pragmatic prevention of sexual assault

We live in a reality where sexual assault is caused by a rape culture and also significantly magnified by alcohol. They are not mutually exclusive. By failing to directly address alcohol's role, we are doing a disservice to ourselves and the college community.

Check your drinking privilege

The U.S.public feels that the nation’s business and political elites are held to a different standard of the law than the “common man” is. When it comes to underage drinking laws at the country’s top universities, the public is right and has reason to be outraged. There’s a peculiar double standard in how drinking laws are enforced on college campuses. My friends who attend state schools talk about police raids on fraternity parties, large arrests, and regular patrols to confiscate alcohol from underage students.

West is best

I propose that “West College” should be named for Dr. Cornel West GS ’80 instead of its geographic position in relation to Cannon Green.

Troubling troll torments Princetonians

Martin Shkreli may be a rich hedge fund manager whose likeness was plastered across CNN for a week, but this stock jock is still just a lowly internet troll. The current practice of responding to him — as students are currently doing — will not solve the larger problem of Internet trolling. However, we can shun him into silence.

Calhoun revisited: The bigger picture

Last week, I defended the legacy of John C. Calhoun after Yale renamed its Calhoun College. But the two-term vice president from South Carolina is only the latest target in a larger war waged on college campuses.

Calhoun's conundrum

Yale University succumbed to the latest activist hysteria this week without fully appreciating American history when it decided to change the name of Calhoun College.