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Liam O'Connor


Looking past politics: Why can’t we be friends?

Outside of class, I barely notice my friends’ political beliefs. They’re one component of many that makes them unique individuals. If I feel uncomfortable about the direction of our conversations, I switch the subject. 

Is the Earth flat?

... Flat Earth arguments are scientifically false, and their proponents’ overwhelming skepticism is unjustified.

Don’t abolish ICE

ICE does a lot of excellent work that goes unnoticed. It shouldn’t be dismantled for political purposes.

Stop asking broke college graduates for money

In general, there is nothing wrong with asking alumni for donations. After all, the University is a charitable organization that provides a world-class education and conducts groundbreaking research. But it’s simply bad optics to ask seniors and the youngest alumni for their support. They just finished four grueling years of rigorous academic study. And they paid for it. Literally. 

Donate to save history

Battlefields strengthen our shared national identity. They remind us of our ancestors’ struggles to secure this country’s freedom and establish a democratic government. Once preserved, they will forever be dynamic classrooms for future generations. Unlike museums and their “look but don’t touch” policies, visitors can walk around battlefields to experience what soldiers felt, and reenactments bring history alive from dusty textbooks.

God and man at Princeton

Although I think that creationist science is doubtful at best, I won’t deny that the theological and philosophical arguments in this debate — about truth and its presence in Scripture — remain unresolved. I also can’t exclude the possibility that new evidence in the future could lead to radically different conclusions about creation than what is currently believed.

Reunions are forever

For the past two Mondays, gaggles of elated high school seniors have been wandering around campus with their bright-orange folders for Princeton Preview. Despite the myriad activities — ranging from a cappella shows to public lectures — Preview is missing a significant aspect of Princeton which no prospective student should leave without knowing about.

"Academic freedom" means freedom

Watsky denounced Murray, compared his speech to the recent Open Air Outreach protest at Princeton, and concluded that neither should be protected in a university. But he left out critical details about Murray’s visit and reached a conclusion with grave repercussions. President Eisgruber was right to make this allusion because the Middlebury protest showed how academic freedom is under siege.

Stop ranting about politics on Facebook

Inevitably, feelings get hurt, friendships are broken, and the issue doesn't get any closer to being resolved. We should stop making and responding to political posts on social media because most people dislike or don’t care about them.

What Princeton should learn from other schools' eating clubs

Every other collegiate eating club in recent history outside of Princeton has abandoned its exclusive practices. Bicker is too entrenched in campus culture for it to disappear overnight. But the eating clubs could abandon it — one by one — over the course of a decade.