Liam O'Connor


Private posts create public profiles

Anything can go viral at the click of a button. Posting pictures like these can have grave consequences in someone’s future professional and personal lives. Just four years ago, a lewd photo from a Tiger Inn party created a national scandal for two Princeton students. As the Street’s holiest weekend approaches, I urge all of my classmates to exercise caution when posting about their late-night escapades on social media.

Change the Honor Committee membership

The inclusion of sophomore and junior class presidents on the Honor Committee doesn't make sense. Class senators should replace them due to their work on school policy and representation of students’ opinions. Class presidents should be focused on bringing fun and unity to their classes. Suspending a student for cheating is the exact opposite of that. 

Why USG fails (and how to fix it)

Despite this year's theatrical elections, I don't think the unfavorable popular perception of USG will change. It's still denigrated as the "government club" and viewed as nothing more than a social group that organizes Lawnparties. This image results from the insularity and poor communication of USG's members. In order for USG to become a relevant governing body to students, its elected officials must become independent leaders and take stands on controversial issues. 

Don't kill due process

The University community was appalled when it heard that a Title IX panel found electrical engineering Professor Sergio Verdú “responsible for sexual harassment” of his graduate student Yeohee Im. The community was even more appalled that he allegedly received only an 8-hour training course for punishment, according to Im. University spokesperson Michael Hotchkiss told the "Prince" that, "penalties were imposed in addition to the required counselling" and Vice President Daniel Day said that he could not disclose the other penalties. 

Honoring service and sacrifice

 Joining the military is a noble way to serve the nation. While one may disagree with the political reasons behind various wars, a soldier's primary duty is — as mentioned in the oath of enlistment — to, "support and defend the Constitution of the United States." They risk their lives to protect the document that secures our freedoms and democratic government. For this reason, the University should help more of the veterans who have protected our rights. 

Prepare for the worst

At a recent Goldman Sachs information session, I asked the recruiter, "In the event that I join the firm shortly before a recession, what are the chances that I will keep my job?"

Sobriety saves lives

The underage drinking law isn't perfect. It could use some simple reforms, like the reduction of punishments in favor of treatment. But it has saved lives. A lower drinking age has deadly consequences for young Americans.

Challenge by choice

  At the beginning of each year, Outdoor Action encourages freshmen to, "choose to be challenged." It means that students should actively seek out difficult situations that push them outside of their comfort zone.  Now, I'm asking that all students choose to challenge themselves in the upcoming academic year. A liberal arts education is meant to expose students to bold new ideas. Take advantage of it. 

A disaster waiting to happen

The only way to provide equal opportunity for low-income Americans is to adopt an identity-blind meritocracy where society fights the causes of poverty. Feel-good policies like affirmative action don’t work.

Affirmative action's inconvenient history

During the 1960 presidential campaign, Republican Vice Presidential candidate Henry Cabot Lodge stated that a black man would be appointed to the cabinet if his running mate, Richard M.