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Liam O'Connor


God and man at Princeton

Although I think that creationist science is doubtful at best, I won’t deny that the theological and philosophical arguments in this debate — about truth and its presence in Scripture — remain unresolved. I also can’t exclude the possibility that new evidence in the future could lead to radically different conclusions about creation than what is currently believed.

Reunions are forever

For the past two Mondays, gaggles of elated high school seniors have been wandering around campus with their bright-orange folders for Princeton Preview. Despite the myriad activities — ranging from a cappella shows to public lectures — Preview is missing a significant aspect of Princeton which no prospective student should leave without knowing about.

"Academic freedom" means freedom

Watsky denounced Murray, compared his speech to the recent Open Air Outreach protest at Princeton, and concluded that neither should be protected in a university. But he left out critical details about Murray’s visit and reached a conclusion with grave repercussions. President Eisgruber was right to make this allusion because the Middlebury protest showed how academic freedom is under siege.

Stop ranting about politics on Facebook

Inevitably, feelings get hurt, friendships are broken, and the issue doesn't get any closer to being resolved. We should stop making and responding to political posts on social media because most people dislike or don’t care about them.

What Princeton should learn from other schools' eating clubs

Every other collegiate eating club in recent history outside of Princeton has abandoned its exclusive practices. Bicker is too entrenched in campus culture for it to disappear overnight. But the eating clubs could abandon it — one by one — over the course of a decade.

Make Bicker less personal

Getting hosed from an eating club shouldn't feel any worse than being rejected for an internship. As Princetonians, we all face the same academic challenges and should take care of each other regardless of whether we accept peers into our clubs or not. Depersonalizing Bicker is a first step that we can take toward this goal.

Practical ways to improve Bicker

Bicker is — and always will be — an imperfect system. It can, however, be improved so that students can compete on a level playing field. When Bicker returns again this fall, hopefully the eating clubs will make it fairer and more open for all students. 

Private posts create public profiles

Anything can go viral at the click of a button. Posting pictures like these can have grave consequences in someone’s future professional and personal lives. Just four years ago, a lewd photo from a Tiger Inn party created a national scandal for two Princeton students. As the Street’s holiest weekend approaches, I urge all of my classmates to exercise caution when posting about their late-night escapades on social media.

Change the Honor Committee membership

The inclusion of sophomore and junior class presidents on the Honor Committee doesn't make sense. Class senators should replace them due to their work on school policy and representation of students’ opinions. Class presidents should be focused on bringing fun and unity to their classes. Suspending a student for cheating is the exact opposite of that. 

Why USG fails (and how to fix it)

Despite this year's theatrical elections, I don't think the unfavorable popular perception of USG will change. It's still denigrated as the "government club" and viewed as nothing more than a social group that organizes Lawnparties. This image results from the insularity and poor communication of USG's members. In order for USG to become a relevant governing body to students, its elected officials must become independent leaders and take stands on controversial issues.