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Liam O'Connor


Geography is destiny at Princeton

Princeton is disproportionately pulling in students from the richest — mostly eastern — places in the country. Many small moneyed suburbs send more students to Princeton than entire regions with millions of people.

Why is athletics so special?

What makes athletics so special — more than any other extracurricular activity — that it deserves special admissions procedures?

Prep schools hit a homerun in athletics

The benefits that the school gives to its students in admissions — whether they be athletic recruitment, legacy status, or development applicants — perpetuates social hierarchies.

Princeton’s posh scholarships

Endowed scholarships ought to be open to almost anyone. They no longer change the total amount of financial aid that one receives, so it only makes sense to create them in such a broad way that they’re used every year.

Ivy leaks show what matters in Bicker

Recently, I proved with demographic data that the Street is socioeconomically segregated and that sports teams feed into certain eating clubs. The recently leaked subset of Ivy Club’s 2017 Bicker cards now explain why my findings are right. 

A knowledge of wealth in Princeton’s departments

The data shows not only that students of certain concentrations dominate particular eating clubs but also that members of certain eating clubs dominate entire departments — including some of Princeton’s largest.