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Isabel Griffith-Gorgati


Cultural appropriation and Princetoween


For many Princeton students, one of the few bright spots of the midterms slog is planning themed Princetoween costumes, events, and decor with friends. While Princeton’s premature Halloween festivities bring together a student body emerging from many days of library hibernation, an offensive theme choice can do just the opposite. Often the University emails a cultural sensitivity reminder at this time of year.

Summer Reading in 2018

Nothing makes a new year first feel real quite like a trip from Labyrinth, feeling the weight of the semester’s responsibilities literally settle on my shoulders.

Review of ‘Crowns’: A McCarter production

The hats aren’t just a fashionable indulgence — they are steeped in traditions of empowerment, both personal and cultural. Wearing hats, accumulating hats, taking hats off — these gestures unite, divide, and propel lives, and even civil rights movements.