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Hunter Campbell

Senior Writer


The snowstorm solution

There are times when we just have to make do with what is available to us at the given moment — so while it will never be an easy decision to cancel classes, we should not act as if switching a day of classes for recorded lectures and a bit of rescheduling for labs is not worth the safety such a cancellation ensures.

The case for 100-minute, once-a-week courses

University departments should make an effort to offer more 100-minute classes that occur once a week. Currently, a vast amount of courses are 50 minutes twice a week with a precept component as well. Making this change will give students more options for how to schedule their weeks and more time to engage with course material.

New Jersey Transit: Reliably unreliable

Until New Jersey Transit can assure riders that its delays, cancelations, and numerous other flaws are not going to be consistent disruptions, they should not expect riders to return.

Replace the outdoor trashcans

For the sake of the squirrels, and for our own interests as well, the University should replace all outdoor lidless trash cans with other models that feature a lid or cover.

Let Alfie Evans fight

I fundamentally disagree that the hospital is in any position to decide whether a little boy who is fighting for his life should be allowed to continue his fight, or whether he must accept death as inevitable. 

The problem with room draw proxies

As we enter room draw and draw times are released, many will find that their draw time(s) are at inconvenient hours, specifically from 9 a.m. through 7 p.m. on weekdays. During these hours, most students will either be in lecture, lab, precept, or another prior commitment, creating a high likelihood of conflict. Many students feel forced to get proxies to cover for them during their draw time, which can be inconvenient and stressful. This nuisance can be prevented through simple policy changes. 

Don’t be afraid to cancel class

The University needs to be more willing to cancel classes in the event of inclement weather. Waiting until the weather is so bad that it is dangerous to navigate campus poses a great risk to the safety of students and faculty alike. The University’s Emergency Management website tells students to stay indoors during a winter storm, but we cannot do that if it means missing mandatory classes, nor should we need to choose between attending non-mandatory lectures and our safety.