Hunter Campbell


Arthur Liman Fellows Announced

The University program in Law And Public Affairs has chosen five undergraduate students, Kabbas Azhar ’18, Joy Dartey ’18, Steven Gomez ’19, Alice Mar-Abe ’18, and Jessica Quinter ’18 as the 2017 Arthur Liman Fellows in Public Interest Law.

News & Notes: U.S. Court of Appeals rules student-athletes not employees

The 7th U.S circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled against several former student athletes, claiming that they deserved to be financially compensated for their participation in their college’s athletic program.  The court ruled in favor of a February 2016 case where the student athletes’ claims were dismissed.

News & Notes: Tarpley '66 sued for defamation by Melania Trump

Author, journalist, and historian Webster Tarpley ’66 is currently engaged in libel suit with Melania Trump, wife of President-elect Donald Trump. Tarpley is being sued for claims made on his blog, where he claimed the Melania Trump allegedly had a nervous breakdown after her speech at the Republican convention was considered controversial. He further claimed that Melania Trump was not a model, but instead a “high end escort” in the article that led to the libel suit. The Daily Mail, a British tabloid, also made similar allegations about Melania Trump. On Sept.