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Hayley Siegel


The murky side of paradise

The question of whether or not Princeton can be morally justified in having an offshore account hinges on how willing we are to give primacy to the claims of the “goods” provided by the endowment over an evaluation of the endowment’s necessity and efficacy in producing such benefits.

When your bathroom is hijacked

I affectionately joke about the small community living in my Wilson basement being a nudist colony. Despite our limited interaction as nearly strangers, my dorm neighbors and I still have a healthy sense of platonic camaraderie when it comes to accepting the unintended consequences of living with members of the opposite sex in tight quarters.

Too Princeton to fail

Rather than trying to “sell” Princeton and build up freshman year as the best time of our lives, the University needs to give equal weight to demystifying the unspoken struggles of the freshman experience. 

A letter to the Princeton community

In our words of disagreement, we can at least choose to exercise a little human empathy for our neighbors and fellow community members to maintain cordiality.

On the boundaries of religious freedom

While we may safely agree that Feinstein overstepped constitutional boundaries, we can also acknowledge that the root of her concerns about the separation of church and state has yet to fully be fully addressed within our current legal system.

In defense of the real woman

James Cameron’s criticism of the recent Wonder Woman film as objectifying an icon rather than celebrating feminism is perfectly valid.