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Emma Treadway


Scholarly work should be more relevant

What is the use of spending years contributing to an ever-growing mountain of scholarly work if it will never be read or used in actual policy? Perhaps one step would be to include more experts in policy-making and in the decision-making of government officials.

Mandatory voting and a restructured election process

In general, students simply seem apathetic or disengaged with USG affairs. After elections, little is known as to whether candidates actually did uphold their campaign policy or if they really intended to pursue those causes after being elected. Clearly, the way we as undergraduates approach voting and elections to USG ought to be changed.

Why the 21+ rule makes no sense for alcohol

I believe that the issue isn’t as simple as a lack of responsibility on the part of underage drinkers — though, admittedly, they do not help their case by drinking. Rather, we must consider how the 21+ rule inadvertently encourages drinking. 

Dealing with spring semester stress

It’s no secret that most students are stressed here. In fact, Princeton ranks No. 6 in the U.S. for universities with the highest stress rates.

Media: the manipulation of the masses

Social media platforms strip people of their multidimensionality. Without the face-to-face interaction, the inherent humanity in all of us is often invisible on the social media platform.

Gravissima latina est, and why you should know what that means

If I have the time or if the inquirer is genuinely interested, I will give my spiel for the weight of classics. In fact, I believe that Latin or Greek should be a mandatory element of the high school or college education, regardless of career plans. The education system would benefit from a mandatory requirement of — or at least a greater emphasis on — the classical study.

We undervalue the sound of silence

Encourage your friends as well, so that more people are inclined to break that taboo precluding us from embracing silence. It may just be key to thriving during your time at Princeton.