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Dora Zhao


Books to fall in love with


With Labyrinth’s fall sale coming up this Thursday, Nov. 8 through Sunday, Nov. 11, here are some book recommendations that everybody can enjoy.

Falling in love with Princeton


Coming back to Princeton after break is always difficult. But these illustrations by Wendy Ho ’21 made us fall back in love with campus.

Straight Outta Asia

Asian Americans have a wide range of unique stories—stemming from their background, family, identity—that have been largely ignored by mass media. Instead, they are portrayed as one-dimensional tropes, creating the illusion that the Asian American experience is monolithic. 

Another symptom of yellow fever

It is hard, almost impossible, to undo centuries of internalized oppression. People of color have been historically pitted against each other, driving deep-seeded wedges between their communities. But there is still possibility for change.

The problem with bad sex

Rather than slotting “bad sex” as unavoidable, we need to take it as a symbol of how society has stigmatized female sexuality. Blanket advice, telling women to better use verbal cues and just say stop, is not the solution. It unfairly places all the blame on the victim. If we want to address sexual assault, we need to start by examining our society’s toxic sexual culture and the role we play in upholding it.

Let’s talk about sex

By subverting the indoctrinated and threatening stigma about sex, we will be able to better engage in active dialogue with our partners and give clearer consent.

What a letter can mean

For 18 years, I have mispronounced my own last name for convenience. My last name is Zhao. It is a gift passed down from my grandfather to my father and now to me. It is the first last name listed on the Hundred Family Surnames — the traditional 100 most common Chinese surnames — and one of the few connections that I have to my parents’ homeland.