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Catherine Ku


News & Notes: Traffic rerouted at Alexander St. and University Place for Arts & Transit construction

The intersection of Alexander Street and University Place was closed to traffic starting Wednesday to accommodate construction of a new traffic circle near the future Arts and Transit Neighborhood. The closure is expected to last until February 2014, according to an email sent to the University community on Tuesday byDepartment of Public Safety Administrative Captain Donald Reichling.Alexander Street will be closed from College Road to just north of the new Princeton Station parking lot. The construction has also resulted in changes to pedestrian and bike paths.

News & Notes: Class of 2017 unable to log in to Mac clusters due to configuration change

Members of the Class of 2017 were unable to log in to the Mac operating system on computer clusters across campus on Wednesday due to a configuration change in the University’s Mac operating system.The University’s Office of Information Technology became aware of the issue on Tuesday night shortly after 9:30 p.m., according to University Spokesperson Martin Mbugua.

News & Notes: Icahn '57 will not seek new ways to prevent Dell buyout

Carl Icahn '57 announced Thursday that he will not take further action to prevent an impeding buyout of technological giant Dell, of which he is a shareholder, The Wall Street Journal reported. In a letter directed to the company's shareholders, Icahn wrote that it would be“almost impossible to win the battle” after the group promoting the buyout, which includes Dell CEO Michael Dell, upped its offer for the company to $24.8 billion. However, the revised offer will mean that Icahn will receive about $70 million from the sale, according to the newspaper. "No one will deny that shareholders would have gotten a lot less if I hadn’t shown up and done what the board should have been doing," Icahn said.

U.’s RECAP project seeks to broaden public access to federal court documents

At a time when public access and privacy in an electronic age has come to the forefront of national attention, a University project to make federal court documents available free to the public has received renewed attention and funding. RECAP, a project of the University’s Center for Information Technology Policy, crowdsources the court documents purchased by its users to give the public free access to them.

Forbes hosts Diversity Week cooking contest

The Forbes Multipurpose Room was transformed into Kitchen Stadium on Sunday night as students waged a culinary battle for the title of Iron Chef: World. For Forbes’ first college-wide cooking competition, participants were divided into teams, with each team representing one regional cuisine, and given ingredients to create dishes from their respective regions. The event was planned by a team of Forbes residential college advisers.

FDIC chair discusses financial malaise

Acting chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Martin J. Gruenberg ’75 offered insight on the recent economic crisis from a federal agency’s point of view in a lecture on Monday night.