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Food to get you through finals


No matter how many exams you have left, I urge you to take the time to savor something delicious. It might not be the most exquisite croissant in the world. It might not even be on on this list. Life is too short, and finals period is too long.


Review: BodyHype turns up the heat


This fall show was the type of performance that makes you want to dance in your seat and forget where you are entirely. This dance company was not afraid to take unexpected risks and fully realize them. BodyHype was doing its own thing, but with such an eclectic show also managed to do practically everything in “Fahrenheit.”


Sexpert: Princeton Plays


In this edition of the Ask the Sexpert Column, we’ll be the ones asking the questions. On Dec. 1, we had the privilege of interviewing Jaspreet Kalsi ... Read More

On aesthetics and açaí bowls


Appreciating beauty, from a bowl of blended fruit to the Big Dipper on a walk back to my dorm at night, has allowed me to escape from the constant pressures ... Read More