Although Princeton once again faces a meningitis outbreak, Yale is dealing with something of another sick variety.It was reported by the Yale Daily Newsthat an individual or group of individuals has defecated in students' laundry on multiple occasions this fall.

What began as just urine and food excrement thrown onto clothes in washing machines quickly spiraled into full-blown feces, according to the article. The washing machines are located in Yale's Saybrook College. The master of the residence has now involved Yale Police in the investigation. Students are calling for 24/7 surveillance of the laundry space.

Yale sophomore Lucy Fleming, whose clothes were soiled by the poopetrator on Sept. 7, was quoted as saying, “The fact that this could happen at Yale is shocking to me ... Think about what this means for our community.”

However, not everyone in the Yale University community is blaming the poopetrator. In the comments section of the article, “AnAlumnus”defended the behavior as avant-garde.


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