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On July 5, the University dropped the need for applicants to submit an essay score from the SAT or ACT. Beginning this 2018-2019 application season, applicants will, instead, have to submit a graded high school writing sample, preferably a work either of English or history. 

In a statement, the University said that this new policy shift “aims to alleviate the financial hardship placed on students, including those who have the opportunity to take the test without writing during the school day and for free.”

Taking either test with the writing section costs more than taking the test without the writing section. The ACT with the writing section costs $16.50 more than without it, and the SAT similarly costs $17 more with it.

According to the statement, University officials “believe that assessing a student’s in-class work will provide helpful and meaningful insight into a student’s academic potential.” 

With the new writing sample mandate, Princeton becomes the first Ivy League school to require a graded writing sample. According to the Washington Post, Brown is now the last Ivy League school that still requires an essay score from either the ACT or SAT.

More information about the submission of the writing sample will be released on the admissions website later this summer, the statement said. 

This story is breaking and will be updated with additional information.

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