There are days when you might wake up in the morning, look outside and see sleet pouring down your window, groan and get out of bed, then experience a heck of a walk to class, and possibly receive really bad news (or a bad test score). Or maybe you might wake up and see a beautiful sunny sky and spend the day tossing a Frisbee with your friends on Poe Field. Or have you ever experienced a bad day that turned into a good one? A life-changing experience or just a silly thought that made you laugh for hours? Maybe you lost someone important, or gained new friendships. This past year has been a lot to take in the good and the bad, the ups and the downs. We’ve all been there in our own way:

AJ Chen ’21

Up: Finding out that my roommate loves singing “High School Musical” and Disney songs and then blasting them from our rooms.

Down: Accidentally bumping into a speaker at a pregame and turning it off during a hype song.

Sophie Li ’21

Up: Post-high-school-graduation trip — went to Okinawa and Thailand. It was really fun hanging out with friends. Even on rainy days, we stayed inside cooking.

Down: Applying to colleges.

Mark Agostinelli ’21

Up: Camping out for “Lion King” tickets outside of Frist Campus Center. Full of ghost stories and friendship-making.

Down: People don’t dance the night away at the eating clubs.

Anonymous ’19

Up: Feeling more comfortable in my relationship.

Down: Seeing how others don’t accept my relationship.

Caleb Beckner ’21

Up: Auditioning for eXpressions and failing.

Down: Eating someone else’s fingernail (found in Chinese food) with a friend to become fingernail buddies.

Zach Paris ’21

Up: The Eiffel Tower.

Down: The French Revolution. “Give me bread or give me death!”

Alex Menegas ’21

Up: Finally laying down in my Forbes bed after a 15-hour journey from England after winter break.

Down: R2

Dane Jacobson ’21

Up: Being at Nobles with my grade out in the middle of the school just having a good time in the week before high school graduation.

Down: When Supreme Leader Snoke was a pathetic slob and died instantaneously.

Melissa Wang ’21

Up: Joining Frisbee

Down: Writing sem

Anonymous ’21

Up: I made new friends this year.

Down: My Chem lab TA

Alex Santos ’19

Up: I got to travel to Lisbon and travel Europe with my brother.

Down: I was hospitalized.

Isabel Greene ’21

Up: Trip to Professor [Sheila] Kohler's house in NYC for dinner.

Down: Flight home for Christmas break was delayed 3 hours and I got home at 3 a.m.

Brandon Callegari ’21

Up: I got to surf some gnarly waves during frosh week.

Down: I could NEVER get those titrations right in chem

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