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In the midst of heavy snow and 23 mph wind speeds, a tree in Prospect Garden fell onto Jones Hall, causing Public Safety to rush to the scene.

The tree fell at noon and caused shingles to fall from the building’s roof. The extent of the damage is currently unclear.

Faith Iloka ’21, who was walking along the path as the tree fell, narrowly avoided injury. Because Iloka had earbuds in, she did not even notice that the tree was falling until it stopped just inches above her head.

“As I was walking, I heard something snapping,” said Iloka. “Next thing I know, I see branches and tree chunks to my right and left. I quickly made the decision to continue walking, then noticing that everyone was looking at me shocked, I looked back and realized a tree basically fell on me.”

Iloka was visibly shaken by the close encounter, but confirmed that she was unharmed.

Many students crowded around the tree in the wake of the fall to take photographs.

Joe Ort ’21 expressed his shock upon witnessing the fall.

“It felt surreal, like the tree was falling in slow motion,” said Ort. “I walk by those super tall evergreens every day, and I never expected one to fall.”

Public Safety and University Facilities arrived at Jones Hall minutes after the fall, taping off the area and requesting that students at the scene vacate the area promptly.

Facilities Grounds Associate Director Devin Livi was unable to be reached for comment at the time that this article was written.

This is a breaking story and will be updated as more information becomes available. 

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