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A train passing through Princeton Junction station reportedly struck an unknown individual around 3 p.m. Thursday. The individual’s condition was unknown at the time of publication.

In a tweet about the event, the official Twitter of New Jersey Transit referred to the individual struck by the train as a “trespasser” at the station. However, very little information is available about the identity of the individual at this time.

The tweet by NJ Transit read, “NEC service between New Brunswick & Trenton now subject to 30 min delays due to an earlier Amtrak trespasser strike near Princeton Junction.”

Passengers who arrived at the station in the hours immediately following the incident encountered the sight of several medical examiners who crouched directly on the train tracks, apparently investigating the scene. The examiners were surrounding what appeared to be a small bundle of white sheets, their contents obscured. Later, the examiners held up a sheet as a backdrop while they appeared to take photographs of the scene on the tracks.

Approximately five police officers had been dispatched on the scene. Officers brusquely instructed passengers to “get down” and to “get off the platform” as the passengers walked by.

Trains passing through Princeton Junction station after the incident were subject to up to two-hour delays, and some trains bypassed the station entirely. NJ Transit implemented a substitute bus service between Hamilton and Princeton to assist with the delays. The transit agency also informed customers via Twitter that their tickets would be cross-honored on Amtrak and PATH trains.

This is not the first time that NJ Transit trains have struck unsuspecting victims. Just last week, a man was caught in the path of an NJ Transit train west of the Newark Broad Street station. Another individual was struck and killed by an NJ Transit train near the Summit station in Chatham in July. 

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