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The women's varsity tennis team organized the fundraiser to support Kaplan's cause and raise awareness among the community. 

This Thursday, the tennis team held a fundraiser for junior Jacob Kaplan at the Lenz Tennis Center. Members of the community could play against varsity athletes in support of Kaplan’s fight against cancer. Participants were asked to donate $15 towards Kaplan’s cause.

Senior Sivan Krems and junior Katrine Steffensen decided to organize the event after reading Kaplan’s GoFundMe page.


Freshman Gaby Pollner and Sophomore Hamza Chaudhry compete in the round-robins tournament to help support Kaplan. 

“About a week ago I came across Jacob’s GoFundMe page. He raised a lot of funds through that and it was very nice to see the Princeton community was being very involved in that page,” said Krems. “And we were just wondering what we could do. And maybe try to use our sport and friend groups to help out as best we can.”

The fundraiser featured a round-robin doubles tournament, as well as a drill court for less experienced members. In addition, there was a raffle for prizes to cap off the afternoon.

“We just wanted to get a lot of traction from our friend groups to donate and do something they would have fun doing. Once the event’s over, please read Jacob’s updates on his GoFundMe page. It’s just amazing what a community coming together can do,” said Krems. “We are all rooting for him.”

“One family here at Princeton. Shows us to not take anything for granted,” said Katrine Steffensen, who helped coordinate the fundraiser. “We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so we have to make use of it.”

Kaplan was diagnosed with stage 4 angiosarcoma in early April. Since then, Kaplan has shared his story through a GoFundMe campaign. He has raised $98,241 of the $150,000 goal, reaching over 1,500 donors. Due to the rarity of this type of cancer, its treatment is significantly costlier than for other cancers. Kaplan has pledged to donate any contributions exceeding the cost of his treatment towards angiosarcoma research.

An avid programmer and member of Princeton Club Baseball, Kaplan plans to return to the University and complete his degree in computer science upon recovery.

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