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Constituting 77 percent of the Class of 2019, 1,018 sophomores participated in the Spring 2017 eating club admissions process, according to a press release from the Interclub Council of the Eating Clubs of Princeton University (ICC). This turnout is three percent less than last year’s sophomore participation of 80 percent.

Of the Class of 2019, 698 members or 69 percent applied for admission to the six selective eating clubs in the process known as bicker. This participation rate was one percent higher than last year’s bicker, which had 68 percent of the sophomore class opting to bicker a selective club, the ICC press release explains.

The ICC did not release the juniors’ admissions numbers.

“Since the number of juniors participating in the spring admissions process varies a lot year over year, and since the number is often very small, the ICC is not publishing these figures as they are not particularly meaningful/helpful,” ICC President Christopher Yu ’17 wrote in an email.

Between 2016 and 2017, the admission rate for sophomores into selective clubs stayed the same, with 77 percent of sophomores, 537 students, being accepted, the press release states.

For the first time, all six selective clubs took part in multi-club bicker this year. According to the release, 46 percent of sophomores elected to simultaneously bicker two clubs. Previously, only 36 percent of sophomores double-bickered in 2016.

The number of students joining eating clubs will continue to increase, with students able to join an open club until the ICC website closes on Feb. 18. So far, 916 sophomores, or 69 percent of the class, have joined an eating club. As the ICC statement describes, this participation is four percent lower than last year’s sophomore class, which saw 73 percent of the class join eating clubs at the end of bicker.

According to the ICC website, students may still elect to sign-in to a non-selective club until noon on Feb. 18. The total number for overall club participation may therefore change.

The six selective eating clubs have not yet responded to requests regarding individual bicker admissions processes at the time of publication.

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