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In a move that art critics around the world are lauding as revolutionary, Mary Elizabeth Ryan ’20 posted an Instagram of Nassau Hall in the snow on Tuesday.

“We’ve seen Instagrams of Nassau Hall,” art history professor Albert Sykes said, “and Instagrams of the campus covered in snow, but we’ve never seen such a combination. Instantly iconic.”

“I was just walking to writing seminar and looked up from taking a Buzzfeed quiz right when I was passing Nassau Hall. It looked kind of pretty, and I thought it would make a great addition to my feed, right next to my pic from New Year’s captioned ‘new year no new friends,’” Ryan said.

Although the freshman’s greatest exposure to art this year has been visiting the art museum for the Nassau Street Sampler, experts are already counting her among the greats.

“There’s definitely a hint of Ansel Adams-style naturalism in her subject choice and composition, but it would be a mistake to miss the candid, bittersweet mood evocative of Henri Cartier-Bresson in his prime,” wrote art collector Madeleine Bossert-Montgomery in a statement to the Daily Princetonian.

A gelatin print of Ryan’s chef d’oeuvre has been listed with Sotheby’s for a starting bid of four million. The Mathey College freshman remains uninterested in fame, however, preferring to remain true to her own unique artistic vision.

“I’m thinking next, I’m going to Instagram a Lawnparties picture,” Ryan said, “and caption it ‘#tbt.’”

*This article is part of The Daily Princetonian's annual joke issue.

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