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Four University alumni were named 2016 MacArthur Fellows by the MacArthur Foundation. Branden Jacobs-Jenkins '06, Subhash Khot GS '03, José Quiñonez GS '98, and Julia Wolfe GS '12 were among the 23 individuals selected for this award.

The fellowship awards each individual with a stipend of $625,000 over the course of five years, in which the fellows are allowed to pursue their creative activities and projects with no particular obligations or requirement

Individuals are anonymous nominated through a pool of invited external nominators, who evaluate based on exceptional creativity, promise for future advances, and potential for the fellowship to facilitate subsequent work. Nominees are then judged by an independent Selection Committee, composed of leading experts in a wide range of fields.

Jacobs-Jenkins is a playwright whose works such as Appropriate (2012) and Gloria (2015) received numerous critical claims. His plays focus on drawing out fierce emotions from the audience, often exploring unsettling, shocking, and confrontational themes.

Khot is a theoretical computer scientist whose work focuses on areas within computational complexity. In this field, he contributed the Unique Game Conjecture, which has shed new light into various conjectures about computers.

Quiñonez is the Founder and Chief Exective Officer of Mission Asset Fund, which helps low-income immigrants maximize their economic potential. His contribution to the financial sector has allowed may to improve their financial stability and to participate in the economy.

Wolfe is post-minimalist composer whose work combines influences from folk, classical, and rock music. Her pieces, including Cruel Sister (2004) and Anthracite Fields (2013) reflect an innovate approach to musical style.

The fellowship has no limits on age or area of study. Roughly 2000 nominations are made for this award every year.

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