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PHILADELPHIA ­– Virginia Senator Tim Kaine accepted the Democratic Party’s nomination for vice presidenton Wednesdaynight at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

He repeated his motto of “Faith, family and work,” intermingled with Spanish, to applause from the audience.

He said he developed his faith, his North Star for orienting his life, while growing up in a religious household and attending a Jesuit high school. That education inspired a lifelong passion for social justice, he added.

Toward the end of a 17-year career as a civil rights lawyer, he entered office as a city councilmember and mayor of Richmond, Va. He became Lieutenant Governor in 2002 and then Governor from 2006 to 2010. Virginia boasted low unemployment with high median income and received honors as the best-managed state, as well as the best state for business and children, during his tenure, he said.

Since 2012, Kaine has served in the Senateon the Armed Services, Budget, Foreign Relations and Aging Committees.

“If I’m good at anything in politics, it’s because I started at the local level listening to people, learning about their lives, and trying to get results,” he explained.

He said he shares a simple belief with Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton: “Do all the good you can and serve one another.”

He praised her consistency in fighting for children and families, fulfillment of promisesand perseverance, citing her tough crackdown on dictators and Osama bin Laden while Secretary of State.

“When you want to know something about the character of somebody in public life, look to see if they have a passion that began long before they were in office, and that they have consistently held it throughout their career,” Kaine said.

Americans can and should trust Hillary, he concluded.

In contrast, Kaine mocked Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump as telling voters to “believe [him]” while betraying people over and over again. Floridian retirees, Trump University students, small business owners and many others lost thousands of dollars in Trump's scams, Kaine noted. Meanwhile, experts have estimated that Trump’s policies would cut 3.5 million jobs and increase the national debt by $30 trillion, according to Kaine.

Audience members shouted “Not one word!” and “No!” when asked if they believed Trump.

Kaine encouragedvoters to make America stronger together by picking Hillary.

“God has created, in our country, a beautiful and rich tapestry, an incredible cultural diversity that succeeds when we embrace everybody in love and battle back against the forces, the dark forces of division,” Kaine said. “We are all neighbors. And we must love neighbors as ourselves.”

At the speech’s conclusion, Kaine’s wife Anne Holton ’80 joined him onstage. The couple held hands, kissed and waved at the audience for several moments.

Holtonresignedfrom her position as Virginia’s Secretary of Educationon July 25to focus on her husband’s bid for vice president.

Departing from tradition, Kaine spoke just before President Barack Obama; the vice presidential nominee’s remarks usually follow those of the current president at the DNC.

Hillary had announced Kaine as her running mateon July 22.

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