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A female attending Reunions was sexually assaulted by a male in Spelman Hall this past Sunday, May 29, according to an email from Public Safety Director of Operations Stefanie Karp.

The victim is in her early 20s and the suspect is someone who was known to her, according to Casey DeBlasio, spokesperson for the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office.According to DeBlasio, the victim is not a University student or alumnus.

According to the victim, the suspect is a black male with a height of approximately5'8-5'9 and weighs approximately 170 pounds. The suspect has facial hair, a mole on his face and was wearing a T-shirt and shorts.

To facilitate visitor access, many dormitories on campus did not require a University ID card for entry during Reunions weekend. It is unclear whether Spelman Hall required PUID access during this time.

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