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Two air pellet guns — one of which was loaded —, a wooden replica sword and a bow and arrows were found in the dormitory of a University student in Little Hallon Sundayevening.The incident was documented as a weapon law violation, according to the Department of Public Safety daily crime log.On Sundayevening, the DPS received a report from a concerned student indicating that she thought another student might have weapons on campus,according to Assistant Vice President for Communications Daniel Day.The undergraduate made the report after seeing a Facebook photo of another student, capturing the student in question standing in his dorm, holding what appeared to be his senior thesis and various weapons, Day explained.The student in the photo lives in Little Hall, according to Day. After receiving the report, Public Safety officers searched his room while he was off campus.The officers secured the multiple weapons found in the room, Day explained.Day further noted that both air pellet guns were rifle models and that the bow was a hunting model. The arrows were the kind typically used for target shooting, not for hunting, Day added.According to Day, the student’s case has been referred for University disciplinary review.According to Section 1.2.5 of Rights, Rules and Responsibilities, “the possession of weapons or the use or threatened use of weapons or objects capable of being used as weapons” is regarded as an extremely “serious offense.”Executive Director of Public Safety Paul Ominsky deferred comment to Day.

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