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The University’s Department of Public Safety sent a Campus Safety email alert to University affiliates on Tuesday afternoon about two incidents of individuals peering into residential windows on campus.

According to the email, both incidents were recorded by a University student, one on April 2 and another on April 24.

The firstincident was reported to DPS by a female student. The student described the suspect to officers as “a Caucasian male, approximately 5’8” to 5’10” with a slim to medium build, wearing glasses, no beard but had a light ‘scruff,’ wearing navy or dark grey colored pants with running shoes or Teva sandals peering into residential hall windows.”

The second incident was also reported by a female student who described the suspect involved in her incident as “a Caucasian male, approximately 5’8” to 5’9” with a husky build, brown hair, wearing glasses, wearing a blue shirt and blue jeans and sandals peering into a residential hall window.”

The email noted that it is unclear if the two incidents are related. The University is currently soliciting any information concerning either of the incidents.

“They occurred separately. There are different levels of alert. There is a sort of rationale behind reporting incidents to the campus community,” University Media Relations Specialist Min Pullan said.

The Department of Public Safety deferred comment to Pullan.

“The incidents described are not ones that are required to be reported as per theJeanne Clery Act,” Pullan added.

Pullan explained that DPS made the decision to alert the University community when the most recent attack indicated a higher level of threat and the potential for a serial offender on campus. Pullan explained that the email is meant to advise University community members to be more vigilant in light of this potential threat.

She explained she thinks this email was sent out in part because of the close proximity in time within which these two incidents of a similar nature were reported.

“As far as these incidents are concerned, everything you see in the email is what we [the Office of Communications] have,” Pullan said.

Public Safety Lieutenant David Tricoche did not respond to an emailed request for comment.

Princeton Police Lieutenant Jon Bucchere said that the Princeton Police Department is not investigating this matter as there was no report made to the PPD.

To stay safe on campus, DPS recommends reporting any incidents in which one feels unsafe to the Department of Public Safety, staying alert, keeping curtains and blinds closed, not showing fear and trusting one’s instincts, according to the campus safety alert email. DPS also warns against using cellular phones in public “while walking alone.”

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