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Terrace Club received the highest number of sign-ins for the fourth year in a row, while Quadrangle Club received an increase of nearly 342% in new members from last year.

The Interclub Council had agreed not to publish the first round sign-in numbers two weeks ago, but four out of the five presidents released first round numbers following the conclusion of the second round on Feb. 13.

According to ICC president Jean-Carlos Arenas ’16, 374 students had signed into the five eating clubs as of last week. Of the new members, 369 were sophomores and five were juniors.

Terrace Club remained the most popular sign-in eating club, with a first round of 105 sophomores who signed up and 35 sophomores second round for a total of 140 students, according to President Nicholas Horvath ’17. Terrace did not accept juniors this year, according to Horvath.

Although Terrace remains the most popular sign-in club, it did not fill membership after the first round of sign-ins as it did last year, he noted.

Yekaterina Panskyy ’17, president of Quadrangle Club, noted that the club received 97 sign-ins in the first round and 18 in the second round, for a total of 115 new members. This marks a significant increase from the 26 students who had signed-in during the first round last year.

Pansky did not specify new members' class years.

Christopher Yu ’17, president of Colonial Club, noted that Colonial had 66 sign-ins first round, with 22 in the second round for a total of 88 sign-ins, which is comparable to the 80 sign-ins from last year. This includes 10 juniors, and new membership is split nearly half and half by gender, according to Yu.

Samuel Smiddy ’17, president of Cloister Inn, said that Cloister has 53 new members, 49 of whom are sophomores and four of whom are juniors. This is a slight decrease from the 77 students who joined last year.

Lorena Grundy ’17, president of Charter Club, noted that Charter received 17 sign-ins first round, and 37 sophomores and two juniors in the second round.

Colonial, Cloister and Charter will continue to accept new sign-in members indefinitely, according to their respective presidents.

The second round sign-in period for the three clubs still accepting members ended on Saturday at noon.

Due to an editing error, an earlier version of this article misreported the first and second round sign-in numbers for Terrace Club. The 'Prince' regrets the error.

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