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NJ Transit will debut its #RudeZone campaign over the next six weeks toencouragepassengers to mind their manners during their commutes, Planet Princeton reported.

The campaign will be centered around postcards placed on train seats that read“Greetings from the ?#?RudeZone?! You’ve heard this person before during your commute” or “Don’t be that person, keep it down.” The postcards are accompanied by cartoons of nightmare passengers.

The campaign will focus on six specific types of "rude"passengers.

A “Phone Booth” passenger is one who loudly and publicly holds phone conversations. The “Potty Mouth” passenger is one who utters profanities while riding transit. “Excess baggage” passengers are ones who carry with them so much baggage that it obstructs walkways. The “traveling DJ” is one who plays his music loudly enough for otherpassengers to hear. The “coastline clipper” is one who grooms himself or herself while riding transit. A "foot loose" passenger is one who lounges in the seat.

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