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Sixteen freshmen are running for the five Class of 2019 officer positions.

The candidates for class council include Carly Bonnet, Karen Delgado,Josh Faires,Suren Jamiyanaa,Adam Libresco,Susan Liu,Jack Marcus,Reed Melchionda, Chelsea Ng,Ling Ritter,Daniel Schwarzhoff,Ishan Sinha,Eric Sklanka,Katherine Trout, Christopher Umanzor andNicholas Wu.

Liu and Umanzor are also contributors for The Daily Princetonian.

According to the USG Elections Handbook, the freshman class council is comprised of five class officers who work together to accomplish the tasks of class government.

The term “class officer” only exists in the fall of freshman year. In the spring of freshman year and every spring thereafter, each class elects a class president, vice president, treasurer, social chair and secretary.

The class president is the head of the government for that class and is also a full member of the Honor Committee, while the treasurer handles all financial matters pertaining to the class, while the secretary helps with communication between the officers and the social chair coordinates class study breaks and other social events.The vice president will take over the position of president in the event of a vacancy.

The five members of the freshman class council share equal responsibility for class government.

Violations of campaign regulations result in penalty points. After 30 points, a candidate can no longer campaign online, after 40 points a candidate can no longer have their own personal website and after 50 points a candidate is disqualified.

Violations of campaign regulations include campaigning before noon on the Monday of campaign week, making a false statement that disparages the reputation of another candidate or sending an unsolicited campaign email.

Campaigning officially began Monday at noon, and voting will begin on Oct. 12 at noon.

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