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When Christopher Cross ’18 saw his name on the last page of the room draw list for Whitman College, he knew the rooms would run out before his draw time.

As of Wednesday, 86 undergraduate students have applied to the wait-list for the 2015-16 room draw, according to University Media Relations Specialist Min Pullan. Those students will be notified of their room assignments sometime between the end of July and August 15, Pullan added.

The University currently guarantees four years of housing for all undergraduate students. The wait-list for undergraduate housing exists because many rooms do not become available until students who are taking leave, living off-campus or studying abroad cancel their contract by July 15, Pullan explained.

“While there are enough beds to accommodate all students, many of those beds do not become available until students who have drawn rooms decide to cancel their contracts,” Pullan said. “We have to wait until after that time to begin housing the wait list."

While students who had to apply for the wait-list expressed some concern about not knowing where they will be living next year, they also said the inconvenience is not significant.

Frank Jiang ’17, who applied for the upperclass housing wait-list, said that although he thinks it is inconvenient that he won’t find out where he will be living next year until right before the start of the semester, he is optimistic about the room he will get through the wait-list.

“A couple of my friends who were on the wait-list the previous year got really good rooms, better than a lot of people who drew [at the regular room draw], so I’m not going to complain about it right now,” Jiang said.

Housing and Real Estate Services’ guidelines for applying to the wait-list say that students can indicate their room preferences in priority order, add a roommate if they want and note their dormitory choices and desired square footage on the wait-list application form.

The guidelines also say that all wait-listed students who apply by the deadline are guaranteed housing, and that a student’s rank on the wait-list is determined by his or her original room selection time in the room draw.

Cross said that while he was initially disappointed, he is not experiencing any significant inconvenience.

“We can’t move into our new rooms yet anyway,” Cross said.

Cross added he is content with the current wait-list system.

“The only alternative is to just automatically put you with whoever’s left over,” Cross said. “At least [with the current wait-list system] there’s a chance it will get sorted out, and you might even end up getting a single. The other alternative isn’t good.”

Pullan noted that although the deadline to apply for the wait-list has passed, the application remains open for students who missed the deadline.

Associate Director for Student Housing Lisa DePaul did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

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