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New documents suggest that Harvard was dealing with suspicious primate deaths before 2010, The Boston Globereported.

Harvard had previously reported four monkey deaths from 2010-12 at its New England Primate Research Center, which was supported by taxpayer funds.

However, a detailed spreadsheet released by the former head of the center, Frederick Wang, contained the medical histories of 14 monkeys from 1999-2011 and suggested that the center harbored suspicious primate deaths long before 2010.

Wang told the Globe that his experience and review of the data suggests that the deaths were primarily a consequence of human error and inadequate animal care, which caused the monkey’s deaths primarily by deprivation of water.

In 2013, the Primate Research Center announced that it would close. HarvardMedical School Dean Jeffrey Flier said the decision to close the center had to do with financial problems, notanimal care.

Themedical school declined to comment on the monkeys' deaths but said extensive changes were implemented as soon as animal care problems were identified in 2011.

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