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Kimberly Theidon, a former Harvard associate anthropology professor, filed a lawsuit in federal court against Harvard in response to tenure denial.

Theidon alleges that she was denied tenure in May 2013 because of her gender and because she opposed what she viewed as a “sexually hostile environment” for women who complained about sexual assault and harassment at Harvard.

Theidon had expressed support for a student campaign to reevaluatehow Harvard responds to sexual assault complaints on campus.

She claims that she was held to a higher standard than male peers and received “less pay and work space than those accorded to males who had less experience or productivity.”

Prior to filing the initial charge, Theidon had appealed Harvard’s decision to deny her tenure.

Theidon joined Harvard’s faculty in 2004 and remained employed by the university until June 2014, when her contract expired and her formal relationship with the University ended.

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