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Dear Sexpert,

I think I broke my penis from having too much sex. What should I do? Help!

— Broken Boner

Dear Broken,

The good news is: there is no bone in your “boner” to break. It is indeed possible to fracture a penis, but extremely rare. A penis will not usually fracture from having too much sex, but rather from trauma that might occur during sex.

While there are no bones in a penis, there is a thick membrane, called the “tunica albuginea” that prevents the blood in your erect penis from leaving the spongy tissue (“corpus cavernosum”) in which it is located. Forcefully bending the penis or thrusting it against a harder object (e.g. pubic bone), can cause this membrane to rupture, resulting in extreme pain. You will also be able to hear a cracking sound and see bruising on your penis due to the blood. Blood might also be visible at the tip of the penis at the opening of the urethra, which is the tube through which urine leaves the body.

If you experienced any of these symptoms, including severe pain, seek immediate medical attention. A fracture must be treated quickly. If treatment is not sought, a fractured penis can result in deformity or erectile dysfunction.

However, if by “broken,” you mean that your penis is not working properly (i.e. you have difficulty getting or maintaining an erection, or ejaculating) or you have other symptoms, such as itching, discharge, pain or bumps, you can make an appointment with Sexual Health and Wellness Services at University Health Services for evaluation. There are lots of conditions you might be experiencing that are more common than a broken penis, which range from the need for more lubrication during sex to treatment for a sexually transmitted infection. Consultation from a professional should help address your concern.

— The Sexpert

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