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A second student of Providence College in Rhode Island was diagnosed with meningitis B on Sunday, according to The Providence Journal.

The first confirmed case of meningitis at Providence College occurred on Feb. 2. The two students did not have any contact, but another 60 students who were in close contact with either patient have been given preventative antibiotics.

The college’s administration encouraged all students to get the serogroup B vaccine, beginning on Sunday. Approximately 3,060 students who were vaccinated, while 108 chose not to participate.

Two more doses of the vaccine, the first brand of which was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in October, will be administered to those students who opt in over the next six months.

Rhode Island Department of Health director Michael Fine advised students at the school to take precautionary measures, including avoiding contact with saliva. The college is providing health and counseling services to address the needs of students who have expressed concern about the outbreak.

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