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Harvard students will probably have to sign an honor pledge on their final papers and examinations if the Faculty of Arts and Sciences approves a proposed honor code, the Harvard Crimson reported.

Harvard has never before had an honor code.

Around 125 Harvard students were investigated for cheating on the final examination of a government class in 2012, and approximately 70 students were forced to withdraw but returned in the fall of 2013.

The Faculty Council approved the honor code proposal last week, and the entire faculty now needs to vote to approve it. Some faculty members expressed concern that requiring students to sign the statement was tantamount to assuming they are cheating.

An honor code was passed in May 2014but has not yet come into effect,and aprovision for required written affirmations of the honor code has not yet been required.

The Faculty Council also decided against a proposal to make the honor code required on every assignment.

A new Honor Council will hear matters relating to the honor code.

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