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Cannon Dial Elm Club was significantly more popular among students this year, with 200 students bickering, up from 143 Bickerees last year for an increase of almost 40 percent, according to Cannon president Connor Kelley ’15.

Cannon accepted 105 students in total, up from last year’s 98 accepted students. The accepted members consist of 99 sophomores, five juniors and one senior.

“We’re happy with the amount of people that came out to bicker Cannon, which is more than we’ve ever had,” Kelley said.

Although the club is the newest on Prospect Avenue, efforts to welcome students in the past few years have encouraged many to consider bickering Cannon. This year’s 53 percent acceptance rate marked a significant decrease from the 69 percent acceptance rate last year.

“One more year established on the Street has really helped the club develop, and people from different groups got to know Cannon a little bit more,” Kelley said.

Cap and Gown Club once again had the lowest acceptance rate for thethird year in a row, accepting about 44 percent of all Bickerees, according toCap president Bo Peard ’15, down from last year’s 46 percent. Cap accepted 100 of its 227 Bickerees this year, with 97 sophomores and three juniors.

“We are enthusiastic about having been able to take five more members than last year,” Peard said.

At least 558 students were accepted into one of the six Bicker clubs this year, down slightly from 563 students last year. The Bicker clubs received at least 921 applications in total this year, which marked an increase from 884 applications last year. The overall Bicker acceptance rate was down from 63.7 percent last year to 60.6 percent this year.

Of Tiger Inn's 101 Bickerees, 52 were women and 49 were men, TIgraduate board president Hap Cooper ’82said. TI was the second-most inclusive club with a 78 percent acceptance rate.Out of the Bickerees, TI accepted 40 women and 39 men for a total of 79. Of those, 30 women and 35 men joined TI, resulting in 65 new members in total.

Cooper said that gender parity in the club has greatly improved from the past. He noted that while some women declined the offer to join TI, it was primarily due to athletic team affiliations.

“Gender balance has been a prime focus of the club over the past several months,” he said.

Cooper added that the graduate board and the number of Bickerees accepted are balanced and expects the undergraduate officer positions to be balanced for the first time following the upcoming elections.

Tower Club accepted 120 out of 151 Bickerees this year for an acceptance rate of 79.5 percent, Tower president George Papademetriou ’16 said,which is comparable to last year’s acceptance of 76.8 percent. The new members consist of 115 sophomores and five juniors.

“This is what we had in mind, and it was very similar to last year, so it was a good season and we’re looking forward to a great year,” Papademetriou said.

Ivy Club accepted 69 students out of 102 Bickerees, Ivy president Nick Martin ’15 said,leading to an acceptance rate of 67.6 percent. This marked a slight increase in acceptance from last year’s 63 percent. The new members consist of 66 sophomores and three juniors.

“We have very similar numbers from last year, and I didn’t really try to anticipate whether we’d get more or less,” Martin said.

Cottage Club accepted 85 out of about 140 students this year for a 60.7 percent acceptance rate, according to sources within the club. The acceptance rate marks a decline from last year’s 66.2 percent.

Cottage president Will Hicks ’15 did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

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