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Students at Dartmouth College asked Texas Gov. Rick Perry explicit questions about his stance on homosexuality when he spoke there on Sunday night, according to The Dartmouth. Senior Emily Sellers asked if Perry would have anal sex in exchange for campaign contributions of $102 million.

Sophomore Ben Packer wrote and distributed this and other questions. In an email to “Campus Reform” he said, “This particular question, occurring in the background of Perry’s moral opposition to anal sex, was motivated by the fact that if Perry has any moral boundaries that have not been carefully selected by a team of campaign managers to appeal to specific constituencies, he has almost certainly had to violate those moral boundaries for campaign contributions. You can see the irony, right?”

Both Dartmouth’s College Republicans and College Democrats Presidents stated they disapproved of the questions.

Perry spoke about the Republicans' midterms success among other issues including U.S. border security, energy initiatives and foreign policy.

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