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Hip-hop artist Schoolboy Q will be the main act at Lawnparties this fall, and Angel Haze will be the opening act, USG president Shawon Jackson ’15 announced in an email to the student bodyon Sundayafternoon.

Schoolboy Q is a California-based rapper who has most recently been in the spotlight for his singles “Collard Greens,” “Man of the Year” and “Studio.”

USG social chair Logan Roth ’15, whose committee made the decision to book the acts, said Schoolboy Q “pulls a crowd, and he’s good. He’s a great performer.”

The opener, Angel Haze, is a rapper and hip-hop artist from Detroit who has gained fame both for her recently released singles and for her covers of songs by other artists.

“Angel Haze, I thought, was especially interesting because first off, she’s an unconventional artist and I think that’s really cool and also, she’s a she,” Roth said. “She’s a female and I haven’t really seen a lot female talent [at Lawnparties,] and she’s awesome.”

Jackson said he’s really excited about the headliners and added that he thinks students will enjoy the artists as well.

“I didn’t know too many of their songs beforehand, but from what I’ve heard, I enjoy their music,” Jackson said.

Roth said that his committee’s goal when selecting the acts was to bring musical variety to campus.

“I wanted to get a variety of genres, a variety of different stuff because there’s no way that, in one concert, I can satisfy everyone,” he said.

After seeing mixed reactions of headliners Mayer Hawthorne and GRiZ atspring Lawnparties, Roth said he really wanted to get some hip-hop for fall Lawnparties. He said he’s very pleased with Schoolboy Q and Angel Haze because he finds them to be both really good and well-respected.

“I’m glad that we were able to provide diversity in the type of artists that we brought in the spring and in the fall,” Jackson said.

While Roth said he thinks more people on campus like hip-hop as opposed to other genres, he also said he finds it hard to predict how students will react. A big complaint in the spring was that people didn’t really know the artists, but Roth said that this time around he thinks the performers are more well known. He added that if students don’t know who Schoolboy Q and Angel Haze are, they should, explaining that they are top players in hip-hop now and their music is "dope.

Aside from headliners, Roth and his committee have been working through the summer to organize different aspects of the Lawnparties festivities.

“We’re trying to get more activities and more things for people to do on the front lawns, so we’re going to try to bring out more games, more things for people to take photos next to, stuff like that,” Roth said.

While profits from merchandise sales at spring Lawnparties were donated to TEAM Charter Schools, there will be nocharity componentto Lawnparties this fall. Roth explained that he hopes to organize different events with a charity component during his term, but he said that he didn’t think just selling merchandise at Lawnparties in order to donate profits to a charitable cause was the best way to go.

Instead, he said he would rather have it be “more about raising awareness, having more of an issue than just a shirt.”

Lawnparties will take place onSept. 14.

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