The USG will make "a very important announcement" about Lawnpartieson Monday at8:30 p.m. in Frist Campus Center, according to Social Chair Logan Roth '15.

"I just want everyone to get super, super excited because this is at the very least going to be the best Lawnparties that I've been to," Roth said at Sunday's Senate meeting.
In other topics discussed at the meeting, the USG aims to launch the Princeton 2018 website for newly admitted students by Thursday, USG president Shawon Jackson '15 said.

"What we have right now is a completely redesigned framework," IT Committee Chair Clement Lee '17 said. "Our focus has shifted from a 'Here's Princeton info' website to more of a 'Here's why I should come to Princeton, why I should be excited about it.' But the initial focus will still be Princeton info basically, because we need some sort of a baseline on what to present."

Lee called the current homepage "sparse," and Jackson asked Senate members to send ideas for website content to Lee by Monday night.

Aside from the Princeton 2018 website, Director of External Affairs Richard Lu '16 said that next week will mark the release of the new USG website and videos. The website will soon include a members' section for USG members to log into, vice president Molly Stoneman '16 said.

Student Groups Committee Chair Jeffrey Kessler '15 presented two new student groups. Humans of Princeton, based off of Humans of New York, is dedicated to tellingthe diverse stories of the University community by conducting multiple themed photo-documentaries, and the Princeton Garden Project, which promotes healthy eating and sustainable gardening practices.

Kessler also announced new Student Groups Committee members Gregory Loshkajian '16, Julie Chong '17 and Rina Azumi '16.

Recapping the Ivy Policy Conference that took place last weekend, Jackson said that over 80 students from the Ivy League attended. The USG will compile the 2014 Ivy Policy Report by drawing on information from breakout sessions and will update the Ivy Policy Conference website with photos and takeaways from the conference, he added.

Jackson said the conference revealed similarities in how Ivy League schools tackle diversity issues.

"The common thing that we noticed is it can't just become, from a policy standpoint, talking to administrators, but they have to put the onus on student groups to promote diversity, whether it's a cultural group or the student government, et cetera," he said.

Stoneman noted she would recommend the use of a security deposit to future conference committees because of its success at the Ivy Policy Conference.

"[The security deposit] ended up being a godsend because then when people didn't show up, we got to keep their money," Stoneman said. "It helped our budget and also made the delegates more accountable."

U-Councilor Zhan Okuda-Lim '15 proposed an amendment to the Elections Handbook that would require students to meet with the Executive Secretary or designee to discuss the wording of any proposed referendum question that would affect USG documents before collecting signatures. However, his motion to adopt the amendment failed with eight in favor and 14 opposed.

Senate members discussed aspects of the USG schoolwide Mentorship Program that will launch next year, including the length of the mentor-mentee relationship and the nature of the mentor-mentee sessions, but did not finalize the details.

The USG spring election timeline will begin on Monday with an announcement to the student body by Jackson. Candidates will be able to register from April 10 to 13.

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