President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden appeared on Tuesday alongside celebrities such as Steve Carell and Daniel Craig in a 60-second video focusing on sexual assault.

The video is a rousing call for action against sexual assault, which the all-male cast describes as “happening to our sisters, and our daughters, our wives and our friends.” It is the second public service announcement of the “1 is 2 Many”campaign the White House has been launching since 2012. Vice President Biden introduced itduring the official release of "The First Report of the White House Task Force toProtect Students From Sexual Assault" Tuesday afternoon.

The video begins by addressing the prevalence of sexual assault on college campus. The message states: “If she doesn’t consent — or if she can’t consent — it’s rape. It’s assault. It’s a crime. It’s wrong.” The second part of the video encourages bystanders to become involved.

“It’s up to all of us to put an end to sexual assault, and that starts with you,” Obama said in the video.

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