A former associate administrator in the Yale School of Nursing is suing the university, The Yale Daily News reported.

Karen Curcio alleges in the lawsuit that she was fired from her position after she refused to fire a staff member on the basis of the latter's physical disability. She alleges that she was pressured into firing this employee by Nona D'Onofrio, Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration at the School of Nursing.

“[Curcio’s] employment was swiftly terminated after she refused to participate in an illegal and unlawful employment practice,” the complaint read.

Curcio had first filed a complaint to the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities in Jan. 2012.

According to The Yale Daily News, Curcio is requesting compensation for lost wages and employment benefits, damages for emotional stress, legal fees and other relief payments.

Yale spokesman Tom Conroy said the allegation was completely without merit.

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