John Hodgson announced his decision to retire from his position as dean of Forbes College in an email sent out to the Forbes listserv on Wednesday.

After 20 years at the University, Hodgson said in the email that he will spend his free time working on his next book, titled “Ventriloquism Becomes American: Richard Potter and the Origins of an American Performance Tradition.”

Hodgson explained in the email that he had found limited periods of time to work on his book, primarily during weekends and summer vacation, while acting as dean. Although close to completing the book, he said that he has decided to devote all his efforts to finishing it.

Hodgson added that his desire to spend more time with his family, especially his grandchildren, was another motivation for his retirement.

Hodgson reflected positively on his time at the University, sharing his confidence in the students here and his certainty they would be left in capable hands.

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