Dartmouth President Philip Hanlon proposed mandatory expulsion for certain cases of sexual assault ina statement on the university's websiteon Saturday.

Expulsion would be mandatory in cases where students use “force, threat, or purposeful incapacitation” in order to have sexual penetration with another student, Hanlon wrote.

The proposal comes as Dartmouth is under investigation by the Education Department for its handling of sexual misconduct. Sexual assault investigations are currently conducted internally.

"For egregious offenses, separation from the college is not automatic, but it is the expectation," Dartmouth spokesman Justin Anderson toldBloomberg.

Princeton's sexual assault policy is similar to Dartmouth's current policy.

According to the University's Rights Rules and Responsibilities,“All forms of sexual misconduct are regarded as serious University offenses, and violations will result in discipline, including the possibility of suspension, expulsion, or termination of employment.”


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