Princeton and Yale do not enroll as many low-income students as Harvard does, according to a recentBloomberg View article.

The article, entitled “Why Can't Yale and Princeton Be More Like Harvard?,” assessed the number of undergraduates at each institution who receive federal Pell Grants, which are provided based on financial need to an average of 41.4 percent of college students nationwide.

Although about 10 percent of students at both Harvard and Yale received Pell Grantsin 2003-04, Harvard featured 20 percent of such grants by 2011-2012 compared to Yale’s 14 percent.

Meanwhile, Princeton offered the grant to about 7 percent of its students in 2003-04 and about 12 percent of its students in 2011-12, Bloomberg View reported.

The article also notes that Harvard started a campaign to attract more low-income students in 2004 and suggested that the initiative had a positive impact.

Of those students who received the grant in 2011-2012, 75 percent had family incomes of $30,000 or less.


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