Former chair of the economics department and former chairman of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke reportedly made at least $250,000 for a 40-minute appearance at the financial conference of the National Bank of Abu Dhabi, according to Reuters.

In his speech, Bernanke expressed regrets about his time as chairman, especially during the financial crisis. He said the Federal Reserve could have taken more action, but said the Fed “did good in a very complicated situation.”

The National Bank of Abu Dhabi is the largest bank in the United Arab Emirates. Over 1,000 professional bankers and finance professionals attended the conference.

Bernanke left the University in 2005 to become the chairman of the Federal Reserve and served as its chairman until 2014.

He was also the Baccalaureate speaker last year. In his speech, Bernanke offered members of the Class of 2013 ‘10 Suggestions’ for their post-college lives.

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