Parker Gilbert, a sophomore at Dartmouth College accused of rape by a female classmate last May, was found not guilty by 12 jurors of five counts of sexual assault and a misdemeanor criminal trespassing charge last Thursday, according to Valley News.

Gilbert allegedly entered the female student’s unlocked dorm room the night of May 1last year and had sex with her while she was asleep. After Gilbert left the room, the female went to sleep without locking the door or alerting a residence hall adviser living on the same floor. Gilbert allegedly sent an apology email to her for his drunkenness two days later. Rick Roger, one of the 12 jurors, stated in a phone interview with Valley News that he thought the accuser’s sexual encounter was consensual.

Peggy O’Neil, the director of WISE, a victim advocacy group, said that the outcome of the trial reinforces concerns that women have for reporting an alleged sexual assault and pointed out that the trial focused almost entirely on the victim.

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