The USG has recently launched a new design of their official website.

USG president Shawon Jackson '15 explained that they decided to redesign the website to make it easier for students to use.

“We decided to redesign the website because we wanted to have a sleeker design," Jackson said. "We also wanted to have a clearer structure, so information is more accessible and transparent to students."

Jackson also explained that the content of the website would be updated to go with the redesign of the website's layout.

The redesign of the website came at no additional cost, Jackson said, since they asked a student, Angela Liu ’15, to make the new design instead of hiring a designer.

"[Liu] worked with me directly and sent several layouts and sent edits and she was a really good worker and she made a great layout, so I’m very happy with the product,"Jackson said.

Liu, who is a member of the Student Design Agency, explained that while she was assigned the task in the second semester of the last academic year, a lot of the work was done last semester, and the new design of the website was launched at the end of finals.

"It was more nebulous at first, and there were some points in the beginning that Shawon definitely wanted to address," Liu said. "He had a list of things and I looked at them and said, 'Oh, these are viable,' or 'Oh, I don't think these will work out,' and it grew organically."

Liu explained that the new website gave her a chance to gain experience in a platform she was unfamiliar with.

"I thought this was a great opportunity since I've been designing websites for a while, and I haven't really gotten into content management systems like WordPress," Liu said. "I've made my own WordPress blogs, but those were simple, and I've never done something this major. Since the USG website uses WordPress, I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to learn more about content management systems while also helping redesign the USG website and helping the school."

She added that there were only minor tweaks left to be made, and the design of the website is practically complete. If further changes are needed to be made, she explained, they could be made through WordPress, and she designed the website in such a way that she wouldn't be needed if something needed to be changed.

Jackson explained that while there weren't many problems with the previous edition of the website, he felt that it could have been better. For example, Jackson noted that the home page did not need to have as much information; links clouded the page and there was a video that sometimes playedeven without clicking the play button.

"We decided to make it more aesthetically pleasing and have an easier interface,” Jackson said.

Jackson said that he expects all the content of the website to be updated in mid-to-late February, and noted that USG would not be redesigning the website’s layout again in the near future.

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