Terrace Club was the most popular sign-in club for the second year in a row, with over 130 total students signed in. The club will no longer accept new members.

Colonial Club, Cloister Inn, Quadrangle Club and Charter Club, on the other hand, will continue to accept new members after the end of the sign-in period.

Terrace took 130 members during the first round, which is significantly fewer than the 183 students who signed in last year. All of the new members are part of the Class of 2016. Treasurer Dharit Tantiviramanond '15 declined to release the final membership number. President Chris St. John '15 did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

The Daily Princetonian independently verified that Terrace took members in the second round of sign-ins but did not offer membership to everyone who put it down as a second-round choice.

In total, at least 477 students signed in to a sign-in eating club this year, more than the 438 students who signed in last year.

Colonial took 115 new members, which marks a slight rise from last year's 106 sign-ins. The new membershipconsists of 99 sophomores and 16 juniors.

"The previous officer corps did a really great job with recruiting, and this is fantastic," Colonial president Sarah Pak '15 said. "We're definitely doing a lot better than we were a few years ago."

Cloister Club had 92 students sign in this year, which is 15 more students than signed in last year. The new members consist of 89 sophomores and three juniors.

"We're really excited," Cloister president Andrew Frazier '15 said."We've got a really strong and diverse class, and we're looking forward to a fun semester."

Quad had 46 students join during the sign-in period, which shows a significant decrease from the68 students that signed in last year. Forty-four of the new members are sophomores and two are juniors.

Quad president Joe Margolies '15 said he expects a significant number of students to join over the next three to four weeks, as well as in the fall, based on conversations with people who missed the sign-in period, bickered and forgot to list a sign-in club or wanted to complete the term of their University meal plan contract. As of press time, Margolies said that four students joined the club after the sign-in period closed, meaning that the club officially has 50 new members.

"We're very happy about who we have, and we're also in a very healthy place, in terms of viability, " he said. "With our numbers, we will continue to be able to provide our extremely high standard of membership quality in terms of both food and social events."

Charter accepted 90 new members this year, an increase from the 72 members who joined last year.

Charter Club is the only sign-in club that takes part in the multi-club Bicker process. Using the club’s points-based sign-in system, students were allowed to rank a bicker club along with Charter and join the highest-ranked club that accepted them.Unlike last year, Charter also participated in the first round of sign-ins this year.

"I think that Charter having a first-round option this year led to a lot of decreased stress for people who were already stressed out by classes, not wanting to worry about waiting for an extra week to find out their club decision," Charter president Josh Zimmer '15 said.

While the majority of new members signed in during the first round for Cloister and Quad, most sign-ins for Colonial occurred during the second round of sign ins. Charter President Josh Zimmer '15 declined to comment on any details regarding the specific breakdown of members.

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