White House staffer Jofi Joseph GS ’99 was fired from his position on the nuclear non-proliferation team of the National Security Council two weeks ago when he was discovered to be the author of numerous tweets critical of the Obama administration under the Twitter handle @natsecwonk.

Joseph, who received his Master of Public Affairs degree from the Wilson School, worked closely with members of the State Department and was a key part of the White House team negotiating on Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

Joseph declined to comment for this article.

His tweets ranged from superficial commentary — “Who are the two blondes flanking [Chelsea Clinton in a photo]? And is it just me, or has she put on some weight?” — to more serious critiques. In one notable tweet reported in The Daily Beast, he suggested Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications Ben Rhodes had leaked classified information to the press regarding the Stuxnet virus.

“It has been a privilege to serve in this Administration and Ideeply regret violating the trust and confidence placed in me,” Joseph told POLITICOin an email.“What started out as an intended parody account of D.C. culture developed over timeinto a series of inappropriate and mean-spirited comments. I bearcomplete responsibility for this affair and Isincerely apologize to everyone I insulted," he wrote.

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