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The Daily Princetonian: If you’re elected to the Senate, what are going to be the first things on your agenda?

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Cory Booker: Well, the first thing on my agenda is to find out where the Senate lavatory is, and [laughs] my way around. No, in all seriousness, look: We’re still dealing with the ravages of this economy, and while the economy’s doing pretty good, real wages are declining or stagnating, declining in New Jersey. We have a lot of places where there’s concentrated poverty, from Cumberland County to Patterson, Passaic, and so I just really want to deal with sort of the economic fairness and justice issues, at a time where, as a United States government, we’re stopping investing in those things, and [I want to] ultimately produce long-term growth. So I’ll be focusing on a lot of the economic issues and economic fairness issues.

DP: What is your position on Syria?

CB: Well, you know, I’m hopeful right now that there will be a diplomatic solution for this crisis. I’ve always been skeptical about the use of military force, and very concerned about that. That’s why I’m happy about this current bit of hope, but obviously when you’re dealing with the Russians and the Syrians, you have to do everything you can to verify and substantiate and make sure that we’re actually achieving our goals of getting chemical weapons out of the hands of the Syrians.

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