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The Borough Police have charged Richard Tuckwell ’15 with one count of invasion of privacy after he allegedly took sexually explicit photographs of another student in a room in 1939 Hall during Lawnparties.

According to the police, Tuckwell, a 20-year-old student from Australia, met a 19-year-old male University student on Sept. 16. They then returned together to campus where the victim fell asleep after "consuming alcoholic beverages," according to a police press release. Tuckwell allegedly took "sexually explicit photographs of the victim without the victim's consent," the police said. 

Then, police allege, the victim woke up and saw Tuckwell taking photographs. The police said there is no evidence that these photographs have been distributed.

Tuckwell, who voluntarily turned himself into the police on Friday evening, did not respond to a request for comment on Monday. Tuckwell’s attorney, Arnold Mellk of Princeton, said his client planned to plead not guilty to the charges but declined to comment further. The student was processed and released on Friday.

The police will also continue to investigate an allegation of sexual assault related to the incident.

The University’s own investigation will not be affected by the police charges, University Spokesperson Martin Mbugua said. Mbugua declined to comment on how the alleged incident would affect Tuckwell’s place in the school until the University’s investigation has been completed.

The incident was reported at 4:35 p.m. on Sept. 16 in Wilson College. The Department of Public Safety then contacted the Borough Police.Borough Police waited outside 1939 Hall for 12 hours between Sunday night and Monday morning of last week, according to reporters at the scene. An officer was also seen waiting directly outside Tuckwell’s room in the building during the same period of time.

Tuckwell’s name was not revealed prior to the announcement of the charges. As of Monday afternoon, Tuckwell’s room number is no longer listed on the Residential College Student Facebook.

Tuckwell is due in court on Oct. 1.

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