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Gin Blossoms and Phantom Planet — two of the over a dozen bands at the eating clubs' annual Lawnparties on Sunday — drew a large crowd to Quadrangle Club's backyard.

Gin Blossoms followed Los Angeles-based indie rock band Phantom Planet, famous for "California," the theme song of the popular TV show "The O.C." Unlike Phantom Planet, Gin Blossoms satisfied the crowd's shouts for an encore, playing two more songs after ending with their biggest hit, "Hey Jealousy."

Princeton is the third stop on the Gin Blossoms' recent college tour. They arrived at the University after a concert at the University of Massachusetts.

In an interview following the concert, Gin Blossoms guitarist Scott Johnson said such performances are atypical for them. They do not normally tour with Phantom Planet, and have not performed at many universities lately as they used to after they formed in 1988.

Guitarist Jesse Valenzuela said they have recently been performing mainly in "whiskey bars and clubs."

Aside from getting lost on the way down from Massachusetts, Johnson and Valenzuela said they enjoyed their Princeton experience. "It's a pleasure because there are a lot of very nice people here," Valenzuela said.

The band members expressed much admiration for the University. Valenzuela, who said he hopes to send his five year-old son here, asked for admissions advice.

He said he was surprised that the crowd seemed somewhat sober compared to other campuses.

"They didn't seem boozed up or drugged up on Methadine like our usual crowd," Valenzuela said. "When we used to play colleges, all the kids were sucking beer. I think it's the difference between a fine university like Princeton and the ragtag University of Arizona."

The band has performed numerous times at the University of Arizona, since several of its members hail from Tempi, Ariz.

Johnson said the band had a fun time at Princeton overall. "I just went over [to Ivy] and got a beer," he said. "It was nice. It was free."

Along with well-known favorites such as "Follow You Down," Gin Blossoms played a number of new songs from their upcoming CD, which Johnson said they hope to release soon.

Many audience members sang along to the band's hits from the early '90s, which came through clearly when they let the crowd carry the tune of "Till I Hear It From You."

The concert was cosponsored by Quad, the USG, the Trustees' Alcohol Initiative and the classes of 2006, 2007 and 2008.

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